Software Services

We provide a variety of software development services focussed on modern languages. We support these languages:

Software Development Services

We provide full software dev consulting that include:

  • Software Support

    • Design

    • Code reviews

    • Documentation

    • Prototyping and POC coding

    • Team leadership

    • Tests: Unit, Functional, Integration

  • CICD integration

  • Software Development Life Cycle

  • Team leadership and management

Languages we focus on:

  • Rust

  • Golang

  • Python

  • Scripting Languages: Python, Bash, Perl, Julia

  • Linux Utilities: Make, Awk, Sed

  • Regular Expression

Containerization and Orquestration

We support a variety of technologies including:

  • Docker and Podman

  • Docker Compose

  • Podman Compose

  • Kubernetes

Prototyping and Design

We provide prototyping of systems using modern libraries and standards. We deliver a fully functional prototype and supporting design docs.

Developer Support Tools and Frameworks

Similar to our prototyping, we can provide fully operational development tools for:

  • Debugging

  • Testing frameworks and harnesses

  • Benchmarking

  • Docker/Docker-Compose frameworks for testing