We know teams that need prototype and proof-of-concept (POC) solutions for internal acceptance for new architectures. This pushes progress forward quickly and get developers back into a productive mode. Rapid prototyping is an integral part of the modern SDLC.

Prototype Solutions Include:

  • Design docs, diagrams, requirement goals

  • DevOps solutions to get your team started

  • Integration support for monitoring

  • Full documentation

  • Training

HA and Distributed Databases

  • Maria and MySQL Galera

  • PostgreSQL with Patroni

  • Proxy front-ends for HA horizontal scaling

  • Full solution documentation

  • Docs & Training

Scaling Solutions

  • Automate scale-up and scale-down

  • Use low-cost VPS providers

  • Simple solutions based on Cron

Integrated Documentation Solutions

  • Automated documentation systems for software

  • Transform docs inside code, avoid extraneous docs

  • Training and Support to get your team on-board

  • Documentation Guidelines for smoother integration

Containerization Solutions

  • Full Docker-Compose and Podman-Compose solutions

  • Debugging tools for developers

  • Full Docs & Training