DevOps allows you to define and deploy your infrastructure as code.

Typically implemented into the cloud, or VPS services, DevOps has these key benefits for your organization:

  1. You can deploy your infrastructure quickly

  2. Avoid human error because its all defined in code

  3. Allow you to recover quickly if a component is damaged

We support several types of DevOps systems including:

  • Ansible

  • Terraform

CI/CD Services

CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery.

CI/CD integrates development, operation activities, and teams by automating building, testing and deployment of applications. CI/CD systems will compile incremental changes made by your developers, then link and package them into software deliverables.

We support a variety of CI/CD systems including:

  • Github Actions

  • Gitlab CI

  • Drone

  • BuildBot