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Advanced Linux Administration

This is a 5 day course focusing on advanced skills system administrators and IT managers need to master Linux in the enterprise. The course is designed for individuals who have taken the Linux System Administration and Linux Fundamentals courses.

Course Outline:

Day 1: System Management

  • User and Group Management.
  • Advanced Package Management.
  • System Services.
  • Printing Services.

Day 2: Network Services

  • Samba
  • NIS
  • Network Profile Management
  • Advanced SSH Configuration and Use

Day 3: Filesystems

  • Filesystem Management
  • Advanced Filesystem Management

Day 4: Enterprise Storage

  • Extended File Attributes and ACLs
  • Journaling Filesystems
  • Linux Logical Volume Manager


  • Advanced Linux Administration: $2400
  • Please Note: Payment must be made in full, 10 working days before the course begins. 100% refund for cancellation within 8 business days of the course start date.
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