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Linux System Administration

This is a 3 day course focusing on the skills system administrators and IT managers need to install, maintain, and use Linux enterprise wide.

The course is designed for individuals who know the basic Linux/Unix commands, and is the sequel to Linux Fundamentals, and precursor to Advanced Linux Administration.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Installing Linux

  • Initial Preparations and Planning.
  • Getting the Installation Media.
  • Partitioning Fundamentals.
  • Choosing Packages.
  • Making Recovery and Emergency Discs.
  • Kernel Rolling and Lilo Installation.
  • Setting Up User Accounts.
  • Setting Up the XFree Server.

Day 2: Kernel Rolling and Configuration

  • Installing the Kernel Sources.
  • Configuring Compile Options.
  • Compiling the Kernel.
  • Kernel Installation with Lilo.
  • Initialization, Shutdown, and Recovery.
  • Rescue Disks.

Day 3: Setting up the Linux Network

  • TCP/IP Network Fundamentals.
  • Network Configuration.
  • Network Diagnosis and Troubleshooting.
  • Network Efficiency Tuning.
  • Essential Network Services.


  • System Administration Course: $1400
  • Please Note: Payment must be made in full 10 working days before the course begins. 100% refund for cancellation within 8 business days of the course start date.
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