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System Monitoring Support

Monitoring allows you to know and understand how your servers are performing over time and alert you when a system is in trouble. Modern companies monitor all their critical servers and services to ensure smooth operations. We offer contract monitoring services for servers, raid arrays, network appliances and various network services. The following outlines our monitoring services:

Monitoring Support

Server and network monitoring allows you to address issues before they become catastrophic, and allows you to keep on top of your maintenance issues. The following points outline the benefits and costs:

System Monitoring

System monitoring vital to business continuity.
  • RAID disk health
  • Storage capacity
  • Power conditions
  • Backup status
  • SSH or Ping uptime
  • Warning and alarm emails included
  • Costs: 1 support hour per month per server (includes 3 services)
  • Setup Fee: 1-hour per server
  • 3 Additional services: Add 1/2 support hour per month

Network Monitoring

  • Firewalls, Gateways, and Switches
  • Periodically review firmware
  • Warning and alarm emails included
  • Cost is 1 hour/month for first unit, and 1/2 hour for additional units.
  • There is a 1-hour setup fee per applicance
  • Systems monitored on a minimum 15 minute interval