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Cloud Backups

Our backup services are designed to support our admin, hosting, and network clients. Backups support Linux, OSX, Windows, and FreeBSD systems, as well as other Unix based systems. Our backup solutions are:
  • Securely stored on Cloud servers with RAID.
  • Encrypted in transit with SSH and on disk with GPG
  • Incremental and bandwidth efficient
  • Can be easily scaled up to 5TB
  • Have a customizable retention policy
  • Our backups are backed up too!

Backup Service Plans
Features & Plans Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Storage Space Capacity 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB 1000 GB
Monthly Fee in Hours 1 2 2.5 3
Setup Fee in Hours* 1 1.5 1.5 1.5
Secure Transfer by SSH Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Secure Transfer by Rsync Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Duplicity Support Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Data Encrypted by GPG/PGP Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

* Notes

  1. Assisted restores are billed hourly.
  2. Plans are automatically migrated to next level once disk space is exceeded.
  3. Disk space beyond Platinum is billed at 1/4 hour for each additional 100 GB.
  4. Bandwidth is 5 times the Storage limit, with .25 hours/100GB over plan maximum.
  5. Sending physical seed data via USB/hard drive incurs extra expenses.