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Stirling Properties, Inc

"Fortuitous worked with our in-house developers to fully deploy Asterisk, a revolutionary telephone switch software which runs on our Linux servers. As we move into the VOIP realm, we have found an acceptable solution that meets all our needs, yet is cost effective. Had it not been for Fortuitous and the guidance provided during implementation, our company owners would not have been nearly as comfortable investing in this new technology.

The developments in technology that were put into place as a result of our colaboration with Fortuitous Technologies, enabled our company to function through the devistation left Hurricane Katrina. Our servers and phones were up and fully operational just three days after Katrina devistated the area served by Stirling, and we were able to spring back to life and fully serve our customers while most real estate companies in the South were still reeling from their damage.

I would highly recommend Fortuitous Technologies to anyone who has needs in the IT, Telecommunications, or software development."

John DeMajo
Director of Systems Development
Stirling Properties, Inc.
Covington, LA.